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Energy Storage Battery System - LDP Series Lithium Iron Phosphate ( LiFePO4 )Battery

上市日期: 2017-10-31

Advantage summary

Direct Lead Acid Battery (AGM/GEL) replacement for 10AH to 200AH.

Faster charge.

High energy density and conversion efficiency.

Environmental Friendly, without any heavy metals.

High cycle times and long service life.

Good high temperature performance.

Safety in use:No explosion, No fire.

Ultra low self discharge rate<1.5%/month.


Wheelchair, sweeper ,electric vehicle,robot

Solar/wind energy storage system

UPS Backup power


Medical equipment


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Cycle life:

2000+ cycles at 100% D.O.D. (Depth of Discharge).

Light weight:

EverExceed Lithium iron phosphate batteries have higher energy density compared to lead acid batteries, so the battery weight is reduced considerably. It has only approx. 30% weight of equivalent lead acid battery, which making it easy handling, more robust.


An built-in reliable Battery Management System (BMS) guarantees the safe operation during whole service life. The BMS is built with perfect automatic protection against over-voltage, over-current, overdischarge, over-temperature.

Easy to replace lead acid battery:

EverExceed Lithium iron phosphate battery BMS also allows the battery can be charged fully with standard lead-acid characteristic curves charger, which means replacement for original lead acid battery become easy. However, we suggest you buy our matched Lithium iron phosphate battery charger to achieve 2 hour fully charge ability.

Fast charging ability:

EverExceed lithium iron phosphate batteries can be easily fully-charged within a very short time due to large amps charging acceptance. it is able to accept up to0.5C (0.5 x rated capacity) continuous charging amps which makes the battery can be fully charged within 2 hour. this feature will greatly improve the load service efficiency.

Wide applicable operating temperature range:

-20°C (4°F) and +65°C(149°F).

High temperature is the killer to all types of lead acid batteries. However, EverExceed Lithium iron phosphate battery can work much easier under hot temperature environment. For example, 40°C (104°F) working temperature normally will shorten lead acid battery life to 30% left only, however it is no affect on. EverExceed Lithium iron phosphate battery service life, still 100% available.

Long Shelf life:

EverExceed Lithium iron phosphate battery's shelf life can achieve up to 2 years without any fresh charging. Lead acid battery normally requires fresh charging every 6 months during storage, otherwise sulfuration will happen and damage the battery.

Green energy:

EverExceed Lithium iron phosphate battery is a totally environment friendly green energy storage.

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    EverExceed 单晶125mm*125mm组件产品具有更优异的低辐照性能,更低的年功率衰减,并提升了组件在系统端长期的可靠性能。单晶125mm*125mm电池片面积小,可组串成多个不同功率的组件,让客户得到更多合适的选择。组件组件具有出众的电池技术和领先的制造工艺,改进的电池工艺与精选的封装材料使得EverExceed组件拥有良好的PID抗性;另外,组件采用了电流分档工艺,从而有效降低了因失配造成功率损失,实现系统输出功率最大化。
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    EverExceed 单晶156mm*156mm组件产品具有更优异的低辐照性能,更低的年功率衰减,并提升了组件在系统端长期的可靠性能。单晶156mm*156mm组件效率为多类别组件中效率最高的一种,可组成更大容量的组件,通过采用出众的电池技术和领先的制造工艺,实现高达18.55%的组件转换效率,当使用时得到更高效率的发电量。组件组件具有出众的电池技术和领先的制造工艺,改进的电池工艺与精选的封装材料使得EverExceed组件拥有良好的PID抗性;另外,组件采用了电流分档工艺,从而有效降低了因失配造成功率损失,实现系统输出功率最大化。
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    EverExceed 多晶156mm*156mm组件产品具有更优异的低辐照性能,更低的年功率衰减,并提升了组件在系统端长期的可靠性能。多晶156mm*156mm组件,具有出众的电池技术和领先的制造工艺,改进的电池工艺与精选的封装材料使得EverExceed组件拥有良好的PID抗性;另外,组件采用了电流分档工艺,从而有效降低了因失配造成功率损失,实现系统输出功率最大化。
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